"I want you to know that all my common, reasonable, rational, cognitive, sensational, conscious, subjective, understanding ‘sense’ has left me and been replaced with this intuitive “tingly” feeling. I have no rational thinking with you and I prefer it that way. Because in that moment of tingles, when I am with you, and you are with me, and our eyes meet in this facilitated fixation, I swear with all those pinky promises I can ever make, we, together, make an “infiniteness” that I otherwise can’t explain. I am never not thinking about you."

— By Liam Connerly (via ktjnllpdrns)
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Dear Love,

Do you know how happy you make me? Do you know that all those mushy love songs started making sense when I met you? Do you know that I thank God for everyday for giving me you? Do you know that by looking at you, these butterflies in my stomach just wont stop? Do you know how when you’re there I feel so warm and safe? Do you know how I love you so much? Because I really do, I love you with every piece that’s left of me and you made me whole again, like I was never broken. I love you so much, I wont get tired of saying these three words.

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